5. “Keep going”

“I think I’m done!”, I told Clint, “I really want to stop this project right now.”
“Are you sure?” he asked.

It was the day I officially cancelled my trip, and I was really upset about it. The setback of cancelling my trip and the situation with the concept almost made me give up the entire project. It started to feel as if it wasn’t meant to be and that it was a big sign from the universe telling me to stop.

I cried and felt a deep loss while I was preparing myself to let go of this dream, did I really just spent almost 3 years working on something that’s pointless?

The next day I got a call about my aunt, it was bad news! She was tested positive for COVID-19 and got worse pretty quick, was placed into an induced coma and couldn’t breathe on her own anymore.

It made me feel almost guilty, here I was, feeling sorry for myself because my trip was cancelled all the while my aunt is fighting for her life, it gave me some perspective.

I wrote a message in a Facebook travel group to vent about everything that was happening right now, trying to reach out to someone who could relate. I actually didn’t expect much, but it was something that I felt I should do and right now I’m so happy that I did!

The amount of love, enthusiasm and warmth was so surprising to me, people were actually really interested in the project and were rooting for me not to give it up and even be a part in it!

It changed everything for me and gave me my motivation back again, just in time. I’ve gotten great input to work with, lots of new contacts and I think maybe THIS was the sign of the universe: keep going!

So I will, I’ll keep going!

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