6. “Push Through”

The days are flying by and yet every day feels like forever, it’s really strange to go through. I’m switching a lot between being totally stressed out to being productive and at peace. I’m trying to make the best out of this situation by staying in my own flow and really listen to what my feelings are telling me. 

What do I need?

What does my body tells me?

What do I desire right now?

I try to reflect every day and to take care of myself right now, you can never go wrong with that! 😉

I really enjoy the nice weather at the moment, it’s spring time in the Netherlands and the sun is really trying it’s best, I’ve waited so long for this! The place where I live has lots of nice places surrounding it and we even have “wildlife” (goose, ducks and Highland cattle) in front of our house, which make me smile and happy every day!

The sadness about my trip is still there, although I almost feel guilty about it if I look at the COVID-19 situation in total. It’s almost like I don’t have the “right” of complaining when people are dying and getting sick around me because of this and that’s so much worse than a “simple” trip.

My aunt Miranda was in coma for weeks, fighting for her life against COVID-19, and that really put things in perspective because health is so much more important to worry about! Thankfully she is doing so much better right now and hopefully she will be able to heal from this completely!

To deal with my sadness about my trip and to turn it around to something beautiful, I’ve really dived into Becoming 30. I’ve had so many new people joining this project and it’s been so great getting to know all these new women!

So far, I have women from 5 different continents and it makes me so proud and thankful! Apparently, my concept and promo is really touching a chord in so many and it really gives me the strength to continue and make something out of this!

I was supposed to leave for my trip in 4 days and thankfully I can still travel to all these wonderful women, even though it’s virtual! (Thank god for the internet!)

It’s nice to have my “joy” back in this project and I’m happy working on this again, with new energy and new goals!

Hope you are all doing okay, wherever you are! Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

X Renée

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