This week was all about observing the world, looking to find beautiful patterns, shapes, objects, or fabrics. The world is filled with beauty and extraordinary things, the only thing you have to do is open your eyes! So that’s what I did this week… I looked around on my way to work, at home, and every time I left the house. I love to go on the “hunt” for a great shot, to see beyond … Continue readingTexture


My boyfriend and I went to a small lake at midnight, hoping to find a great spot to watch the meteor shower together. It was extremely dark and I was so happy when I could see the Milky Way with my own eyes. It made me so happy to witness that in The Netherlands because we have lots of light pollution. I’m a big Astro/Science nerd and used to dream of becoming an astronaut when … Continue readingNight

Line from a Song

“We’re just two lost souls,Swimming in a fishbowl,Year after year.” Pink Floyd – Wish you were here I had a hard time choosing a song for this week. I am a big music lover and I have too many favorite songs with different personal meanings to choose from. Eventually, I chose this song because it’s really important to me. My sister, nephews, brother-in-law, partner, and I performed this song during my grandfather’s funeral over 10 … Continue readingLine from a Song

Wide Aperture

For me, there is something natural about “Wide Aperture”, because that’s how I see the world without my glasses or contact lenses. I used to hate the fact that, naturally, I can’t see sharp beyond 20 cm’s and I used to really hate putting on my glasses/contacts first thing in the morning. Now I feel there is something magical about the blurriness. Those pretty lights turning into blobs, perfectly sharp objects turning into mysterious shapes… … Continue readingWide Aperture


This week, I’ve asked my boyfriend to help me with the theme Distorted. It’s a genre I don’t shoot very often and I had trouble coming up with ideas that could work and got a little stressed about it. A couple of weeks ago, I started working at a new job and sometimes I feel like my head is about to explode with all the new information, impressions, and adjustments. I am very happy with … Continue readingDistorted

Product Photography

For almost 2 years, I was looking for the perfect urn for my grandmother’s ashes.She was a real lady and loved the color pink above anything else, so I knew I had to find one that she would have liked. I almost gave up my search when I found this one while visiting Rotterdam with my aunt a couple of weeks ago.We saw this urn and both thought this was one my grandmother would approve … Continue readingProduct Photography


One of the things I love most, while traveling with public transportation, is empty stations when nighttime is rushing in. That perfect time, right after busy hours, when people are where they need to be. It’s just you, great music and all the time in the world. This week, I went to a sushi restaurant with one of my oldest friends. After a great meal, with great company, I found myself at an empty bus … Continue readingTransportation

Black and White

This is Poekie the Panda. A couple of years ago I got Poekie from my boyfriend. In that time I was suffering from heavy night terrors and because we didn’t live together yet, Poekie was a gift to help me get through the night. One of the nightmares, a recurring one I had for years and years, was about a stairway in my childhood home. It was a dream about something that happened to me … Continue readingBlack and White

Just Breathe..

Just Breathe… It’s a mantra I use quite often.When things go too fast around me, when I’m feeling that panic coming up and taking over and when I do something new that scares me. It’s the line I use to calm myself when ever I need it. I wanted to show how that moment feels, the moment just before I allow myself to “Just Breathe”.The moment you feel like you’re from outside looking in, while … Continue readingJust Breathe..

(Not so) Macro

So this week I was super busy with a new job and saying goodbye to my old life.I closed the eventful week with my birthday on sunday and celebrated it at the beach with my boyfriend. I was looking for a great subject for this week’s theme, Macro, and decided to get up close and personal with this little jellyfish, I named it “Fristi”, that was sunbathing near the sea. I didn’t have a macro … Continue reading(Not so) Macro