4. “I have to cancel”

I’m very sad to announce that my trip is officially cancelled.
Even though I saw this coming for a while, it was a hard pill to swallow because I still had some tiny bits of hope left.

The moment I cancelled my trip, I have to admit that I lost hope for the project as well and I was at the point of giving up my idea entirely.
Thankfully, since that moment, LOTS of women, most of them I haven’t even spoken to or seen before, reached out to me online to root for this project. It gave me my motivation and hope back, along with some great ideas!

So for now, I will be in touch with all these amazing women, who reached out and really want to be a part of this story and together we will find a way to make this happen in the future!

I hope you all stay healthy, please look out for yourself and each other during these times and stay home whenever you can, it’s the least you can do!

X Renee

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