Low key

lowkey portrait black and white mixed couple

I absolutely love Low Key Photography, so I was really happy with the theme for this week!
Low Key just fits me. The use of shadow and light, the way you can make something pop out of nothing, is magical to me.

As a person, I’m pretty much low-key too! I like to do my own thing, mind my own business and tend to enjoy things in private instead of sharing it on Social Media for all to see.

As much as I enjoy being low-key, it’s actually one of my flaws as well. Working as a photographer means you have to share your work in order to attract new customers. Most times I have to actually force myself to share my photography online, it’s taking more energy than I would like.

Luckily, 52Frames came along. It really helps to have such a great community to be part of, thank you all!

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