Portret Man door fotograaf uit tilburg

This week, I really wanted to honor my boyfriend Clint. Even though I’ve made thousands of photos of him during the years we’ve been together, he just had to be my model for this week’s theme “Man”.

I’m very lucky to call him my partner in life, my best friend, and the person I call home. He is extremely kind, loyal, and even though he can be very irritating at times, he is the one that makes me laugh everyday.

Thank you, for always being there, for helping me whenever you can, and for literally saving my life. You are my hero, you know that, and I’m super thankful that you have made it happen that I’m still here today. I really like the person that I’ve become since I’ve met you.

So thank you, for everything that you are and everything that you do.
I love you.

Portret Man door fotograaf uit tilburg

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