5. “Keep going”

“I think I’m done!”, I told Clint, “I really want to stop this project right now.”“Are you sure?” he asked. It was the day I officially cancelled my trip, and I was really upset about it. The setback of cancelling my trip and the situation with the concept almost made me give up the entire project. It started to feel as if it wasn’t meant to be and that it was a big sign from the universe telling me … Continue reading5. “Keep going”

4. “I have to cancel”

I’m very sad to announce that my trip is officially cancelled.Even though I saw this coming for a while, it was a hard pill to swallow because I still had some tiny bits of hope left. The moment I cancelled my trip, I have to admit that I lost hope for the project as well and I was at the point of giving up my idea entirely.Thankfully, since that moment, LOTS of women, most of … Continue reading4. “I have to cancel”