Wabi sabi

Fort de la Chartreuse This popular urbex location in Belgium was on my Go-To List for a while now and I’m so happy that I got to see it! I found this amazing restroom on the second floor, just being perfect in it’s own way. The fort was built by the Dutch between 1817 – 1823 to defend the city of Liège, and was later used as a prison, baracks and as a military hospital. … Continue readingWabi sabi

Low key

I absolutely love Low Key Photography, so I was really happy with the theme for this week!Low Key just fits me. The use of shadow and light, the way you can make something pop out of nothing, is magical to me. As a person, I’m pretty much low-key too! I like to do my own thing, mind my own business and tend to enjoy things in private instead of sharing it on Social Media for … Continue readingLow key


This week was crazy! I’ve had a really busy week and kept pushing this photo forward and forward until the very last minute, which I shouldn’t have done. I wanted to go for a combination of a dreamscape and my nightmares, which are stairs, and had a whole vision of what I wanted to include in it. Planets, stars, beautiful fluffy coulds… All of a sudden, it was Sunday night and I had no time … Continue readingdreamscape


This week, I really wanted to honor my boyfriend Clint. Even though I’ve made thousands of photos of him during the years we’ve been together, he just had to be my model for this week’s theme “Man”. I’m very lucky to call him my partner in life, my best friend, and the person I call home. He is extremely kind, loyal, and even though he can be very irritating at times, he is the one … Continue readingMan


This week, I challenged myself to go wayyyy beyond my comfort zone by being my own model for the theme “Woman”. Making self-portraits is a difficult thing for me as a woman, a photographer, and a perfectionist. When I saw this theme coming up, I decided to just go for it and try my best to be gentle for myself. I really wanted to do something with feathers, representing a swan. My grandfather used to … Continue readingWoman


Hello Nostalgia, my old friend. Ever since I’ve learned how to write, I’ve been keeping journals.Those journals became my friends, especially during the times I felt alone, when I was hospitalized for a really long time, and when it seemed like there wasn’t any positivity left. Although I started with this very early in life, it really took off when I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 12. The doctor told me I should document my … Continue readingNostalgia

Black and White

This is Poekie the Panda. A couple of years ago I got Poekie from my boyfriend. In that time I was suffering from heavy night terrors and because we didn’t live together yet, Poekie was a gift to help me get through the night. One of the nightmares, a recurring one I had for years and years, was about a stairway in my childhood home. It was a dream about something that happened to me … Continue readingBlack and White