This week, I went to Middelburg to shoot for the theme “Walls”.It’s a beautiful, historical, typical Dutch city and it’s the capital of the province of Zeeland. Fun fact: The invention of the microscope and telescope is often credited to Middelburg spectacle-makers. My goal was to go to the Abbey, which has beautiful arches and halls, and I was really looking forward to go and shoot there for the extra credit “Arches”. Unfortunately, it turned … Continue readingwalls

6. “Push Through”

The days are flying by and yet every day feels like forever, it’s really strange to go through. I’m switching a lot between being totally stressed out to being productive and at peace. I’m trying to make the best out of this situation by staying in my own flow and really listen to what my feelings are telling me.  What do I need? What does my body tells me? What do I desire right now? … Continue reading6. “Push Through”

5. “Keep going”

“I think I’m done!”, I told Clint, “I really want to stop this project right now.”“Are you sure?” he asked. It was the day I officially cancelled my trip, and I was really upset about it. The setback of cancelling my trip and the situation with the concept almost made me give up the entire project. It started to feel as if it wasn’t meant to be and that it was a big sign from the universe telling me … Continue reading5. “Keep going”

3. “Sad news”

Dear all, (some SAD news) With a heavy heart, I’m writing this message… Yesterday a new documentary caught my attention, called “Woman”, and after some research about the film I have to come to a heartbreaking conclusion.The vision and concept of Becoming 30, the stories I wanted to tell of all the women I was going to visit, is similar to this new documentary which will be out today in theaters. Due to a really high … Continue reading3. “Sad news”