Texture noordkade veghel

This week was all about observing the world, looking to find beautiful patterns, shapes, objects, or fabrics. The world is filled with beauty and extraordinary things, the only thing you have to do is open your eyes!

So that’s what I did this week… I looked around on my way to work, at home, and every time I left the house. I love to go on the “hunt” for a great shot, to see beyond what other people see, and to capture it the way I want to.

On Saturday, I went to “De Noordkade” in Veghel with my family. It’s a historical, industrial location that’s transformed into a cultural hotspot with restaurants, (movie)theatre, bars, art, and stores while keeping the industrial landmarks intact. When we sat down for a drink, this amazing steel fire pit caught my eye. What a great find!

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