Wabi sabi

verlaten pand in belgie door Renée Heijneman

Fort de la Chartreuse

This popular urbex location in Belgium was on my Go-To List for a while now and I’m so happy that I got to see it! I found this amazing restroom on the second floor, just being perfect in it’s own way.

The fort was built by the Dutch between 1817 – 1823 to defend the city of Liège, and was later used as a prison, baracks and as a military hospital.

The place is enormous, completely abandoned and overgrown by nature. You can spend hours taking photographs there and still have new things to see, which didn’t help me choose a photo for this week’s theme (I made way too many pictures)!

Visiting abandoned places is a big passion of mine. The feeling and look of those places are magic to me, I always feel like Indiana Jones in search of beautiful things.

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