middelburg muur met bloem rustig

This week, I went to Middelburg to shoot for the theme “Walls”.
It’s a beautiful, historical, typical Dutch city and it’s the capital of the province of Zeeland. Fun fact: The invention of the microscope and telescope is often credited to Middelburg spectacle-makers.

My goal was to go to the Abbey, which has beautiful arches and halls, and I was really looking forward to go and shoot there for the extra credit “Arches”. Unfortunately, it turned out to be closed when I got there and I had to think of something new.

Thankfully, it was an amazing day! The weather was great for a Dutch October day and the city was perfect for strolling around.

While walking, this wall caught my eye. The weathered look, all those shades and details, and the Ivy with it’s Fall colours… just beautiful!

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