Zelfportret in Tilburg door fotograaf

This week, I challenged myself to go wayyyy beyond my comfort zone by being my own model for the theme “Woman”.

Making self-portraits is a difficult thing for me as a woman, a photographer, and a perfectionist. When I saw this theme coming up, I decided to just go for it and try my best to be gentle for myself.

I really wanted to do something with feathers, representing a swan. My grandfather used to lovingly nickname me “domme gans” (foolish goose) and when we said our final goodbyes, he said that I’ve turned into a beautiful swan.
I thought it was the perfect concept for “Woman” because I wanted it to be elegant, confident, and graceful, just like a swan.

Since I didn’t have a lot of feathers, I had to cut them out of paper and fold them a little to get It to look more real.

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